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We didn’t put Bones into the movie enough so we put him twice in the poster.

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all these discussions about who’s top and bottom could be avoided by not buying a bunk bed in the first place

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Biology’s cruel joke goes something like this: As a teenage body goes through puberty, its circadian rhythm essentially shifts three hours backward. Suddenly, going to bed at nine or ten o’clock at night isn’t just a drag, but close to a biological impossibility. Studies of teenagers around the globe have found that adolescent brains do not start releasing melatonin until around eleven o’clock at night and keep pumping out the hormone well past sunrise. Adults, meanwhile, have little-to-no melatonin in their bodies when they wake up. With all that melatonin surging through their bloodstream, teenagers who are forced to be awake before eight in the morning are often barely alert and want nothing more than to give in to their body’s demands and fall back asleep. Because of the shift in their circadian rhythm, asking a teenager to perform well in a classroom during the early morning is like asking him or her to fly across the country and instantly adjust to the new time zone — and then do the same thing every night, for four years.

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This is why you have every right to be tired.  

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Why Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome


  • wicked hella music
  • it made me cry more than once
  • "we are groot"
  • the queen of sci-fi and chris pratt
  • basically it was just a band of misfits, not heroes, saving a planet
  • tiny dancing groot
  • it never took itself too seriously, and even though it was an action movie, it was still funny and heartfelt
  • there was about 12% of a romantic subplot, but it never went very far
  • just groot in general